Studio Photography Now Available!

I am so pleased to announce that I am now able to offer studio photography! This business of mine has only been active since last fall and although I wanted to pursue my love for photography I felt sequestered to the outdoors because, well, that's the only space I had. I knew that would mean nearly zero clients during the winter season and having to constantly stress about the weather. As my first winter approached I did some hunting for space to rent and the costs were astronomical! Especially for a newbie photog like myself. When I finally discovered My Own Studio I was over the moon to say the least. Not only did I have a wonderful and large space to rent at my convenience, but I was able to use the lighting equipment, backdrops, and props that the wonderful Erin Foster has allotted for renters. No more packing up the trunk with giant soft boxes and props! 


My Own Studio is available to rent sporadically or you can sign up for a membership and have hours available to use on a monthly basis. Even in Ohio's nicer seasons I usually get a studio request at least once a month and I am so excited to no longer have to turn those clients away. 

I definitely still have a lot to learn about indoor photography and studio lighting but Erin Foster, the owner of My Own Studio and Irish Eyes Photography, has been a wonderful mentor and so helpful with all my questions.

Interested in booking a studio session?